PERU Wave Clinics 2019

Image of some long Peruvian lefthander waves

23 - 30 May 2019                              Pacasmayo Pro Wave Clinic 1                                      FOR ADVANCED AND EXPERT RIDERS

30 May - 06 June 2019                   Pacasmayo Pro Wave Clinic 2                                     FOR ADVANCED AND EXPERT RIDERS

Peru is a wave kiting destination you can't miss. A country worth visiting by itself - taking in account wind and waves, it's a must-have-been-to..!!

Come with us exploring and kiting some of the longest lefts on this planet and experiencing this together with a great and fun group of advanced kiters - all this paired with having a professional filmer at the beach pointing his camera at you and Marc's video assisted coaching to get the best out of your riding..!!

There couldn't be a better way to discover Peru while at the same time enjoying a fun and effective learning experience that will have a lasting effect on your kitesurfing skills and pleasure to come. Marc has been holding wave clinics for more than 5 years and has developed a unique and effective method to coach you in order to get your wave riding skills to the next level. More details on the coaching here.

There will be daily theory sessions in the morning before you go out on the water to put that into practice in the afternoon. This is then followed in the evening by a personalised video coaching session to analyse and monitor your progress, defining your personal goals.

Explore the prime kite spots northern Peru has to offer and experience its best in an interesting and fun group.

Great combo of Marc's coaching in cooperation with the local guiding.

No planning required, just bring your board and kites, everything is taken care of.

Latest Firewire boards available to test.

Filming of your kite sessions for the video coaching, plus have a chance to take advantage of the opportunity of  a professionally edited video of yourself.

Peru Kitesurf Wave Coaching

The PERU Wave Clinic includes:

  • Airport transfer, pickup and dropoff
  • All accommodation including breakfast and lunch
  • Daily transportation to and from the kite spot of the day
  • Filming of your kite sessions
  • Full video assisted coaching by Marc Ramseier
  • All local guiding on and off the water

Kitesurf wave conditions and spots

Peru hosts some of the longest kiteable lefts on this planet. There are a big number of wave spots around and up to a one-hour-drive south of Mancora. Choosing the right spot is crucial and depends also of the amount and direction of swell. On top some spots work only or better with northerly swells, some better with southerly swells. Choosing the right spot is a complex task - a wise thing to outsource..!

The winds up north around Mancora are the strongest for riding waves, whereas more south the wind becomes a bit lighter. Pacasmayo in general has bigger and longer waves that remain fairly easy to ride, but with lighter winds. Also there's way more crowds - so it's great to first practice at empty spots up north and then come and apply it all in Pacasmayo.


Hotel Samana Chakra (Mancora)

We will stay at Samana Chakra Villas in Mancora. It's one of the best places to stay at and a great base for our day trips to the wave spots that are up to one hour drive away. There is no decent standard accommodation outside of Mancora, so day trips from there is the way to go.

The rooms are individual villas that can either be shared or rented as a single occupancy. There are ocean front and garden view options with different pricing.
Hotel website:

El Faro Adventure Resort

In Pacasmayo we'll stay at the hotel situated right in the bay and furthest out from town. It's a great base as you can start your kiting sessions straight from the hotel without having to go anywhere else. The rooms are simple but clean and it's well worth staying there. The sunset drinks after a great session while overlooking the last waves of the day rolling in are classic.



  • 6 days of intense coaching with morning theory lessons and personal video coachings in the evening.
  • Continuous support afterwards with daily video coaching sessions.
  • Marc knows his way around and will be cooperating with local guides to choose the ideal spot of the day, and also helping everybody to be and stay safe wherever we go.


  • You will be filmed for video coaching purposes that will be viewed and analysed every night or the following morning.
  • There will be an opportunity to pay something extra to be able to receive a professionally edited video to take home as a souvenir with your personal riding mixed into the impressions of the trip.
  • Also we'll do our best to shoot some stills that you'll receive as part of the package if conditions allow. We might get an outside photographer and share his cost for whoever is keen.


  • Airport pickup from Piura airport to Mancora and dropoff coming from Pacasmayo
  • All transportation on day trips and the road trip with local guides and/or with offroad car rentals
  • 5 nights at Samana Chakra in shared ocean view including breakfast
  • 5 lunch packages from Samana Chakra
  • 4 nights at El Faro Pacasmayo with double occupancy including breakfast and lunch


  • All dinners and beverages
  • The professional edit of your personal video of the trip


Pro Wave Clinic

REQUIRED LEVEL OF KITING: You need to be fairly comfortable riding a surfboard, some first experiences with waves is good to have.

We will try to ride at spots that offer the best conditions and require you to be able to go out and get into the waves with enough skills mastering riding your surfboard in the surf (no matter whether strapped or strapless).

The main subject is to work on your wave riding skills, understand and get to apply the different aspects of it, learn to put it all back together and adapt your riding to different conditions and locations.

2018 Schedules:

19 April latest departure day from Europe or  US
20 April latest arrival day in Piura
21 April beginning of the clinic in Mancora area
21-24 April coaching and daytrips around Mancora
25 April relocating to Pacasmayo early morning
25-28 April 4 days in Pacasmayo
29 April earliest departure possibility (or start of individual holiday)
minimum time required including travel time: 12 days
28 April latest departure day from Europe or  US
29 April latest arrival day in Trujillo
30 April beginning of the clinic in Pacasmayo
30-05 May coaching and kiting in Pacasmayo
06 May earliest departure possibility (or start of individual holiday)
minimum time required including travel time: 10 days

Package rates

€ 1995   for 9night Wave Clinic Adventure Package

€ 1555   for 7night Wave Clinic Package

€ 200 for 5 nights single occupancy @Samana Chakra
€    80 for 4 nights  single occupancy @El Faro Resort

€  140 for 7 nights single occupancy @El Faro Resort


Terms and conditions

Please note that the wave clinic will only take place once a minimum of  5 participants are committed to it. The deadline to reach that is:  29 JANUARY 2018

For reserving your spot we need a 30% downpayment. There are discounts for returning customers.

Group size:
from 5 up to a maximum of 8 participants

The clinic will be held in English, however Marc is also fluent in German, French and Spanish and can make sure everybody understands the content of the clinic.

You will be filmed on eight days, which is then put together for daily video feedback sessions.

Weather conditions:
Please note that we have done everything in order to maximise the chances to catch the best conditions for you. However we are not in control of the weather and there will be no refunds due to lack of wind.

No wind scenario:
Peru is known for its great wind consistency and by choosing to go there in May we added plenty of extra time for the wind season to get in full swing. In case of no wind the clinic will still take place as planned. The theoretical part of it proves to be very valuable information that will still be of interest to you even without the opportunity to practice this on the very same day. Northern Peru is besides the wave kiting more so an extraordinary and world renown place for surfing. In the unlikely case of total lack of wind Marc will take you surf or SUP to improve or get you going with that - the best sport to help boost your kite wave riding.

Further terms and conditions can be found here.

Airplane tickets:

Everybody is responsible for buying his own plane ticket or our travel partner will be happy to book this for you. If you do it yourself I recommend starting by checking on for the best and cheapest connections from your point of departure. Don't forget to make sure checking the excess baggage allowances for the airlines you consider booking.

Destination Airport 1st clinic:
PIURA /Peru PIU (connecting through Lima)
best arrival time in PIU is on 20.04.2018 at 9h22 with LA2312

Destination Airport 2nd clinic:
PIURA or TRUJUILLO /Peru (connection through Lima)
best arrival time in TRUJUILLO is on 29.04.2018 at 18h05 with LA2206