PERU Wave Clinics 2020

Image of some long Peruvian lefthander waves

10 - 21 May 2020                              Pacasmayo to Punta Luna Pro Wave Clinic           FOR ADVANCED AND EXPERT RIDERS

21 - 31 May 2020                               Punta Luna Pro Wave Clinic                                        FOR  EXPERT RIDERS

When I first came to northern Peru in 2002 I believe I was one of the first ones to kitesurf the wave of Pacasmayo, putting it on the map in the kitesurfing world. Coming back in 2016 I was amazed how established and well visited the place has become. The wave kiting conditions however keep making it a standout amongst the international line up of wave spots - just as the glimpses fourteen years earlier suggested.

Due to the clinics held in the following four years I’ve checked and kited all the spots in Northern Peru - almost all the spots.. I knew there was a spot that has kinda been kept secret - or at least you weren’t able to go there as it was situated in a fenced off natural reserve.

I couldn’t have been more excited to hear that Martin Vari, a previous kitesurf world champ, friend and fellow team mate from the early years of the sport has been sitting on top of the secret and been working on opening a surf lodge there. He managed to be able to welcome guests starting in 2019 and it’ll be a great pleasure to visit him with a group of guests in 2020 at this very special place.