Boost your wave riding skills and expertise

Kitesurf Wave Clinics are run and held by pro rider Marc Ramseier since eight years now, continuously being tweaked at to further raise your learning experience and progress. 
The clinics address two type of kitesurfers: Either you are advanced enough to seriously and sustainably improve your wavering skills, get a deeper understanding of the techniques involved and how to work yourself up - all the while increasing your comfort levels in the surf to further accelerate things. Or you are a kiter that has become confident enough to look into taking on a new and exciting challenge within kitesurfing - that of riding a surfboard and eventually getting into the king of every water sports disciplines: riding waves!!

2019 calendar finalized !!! - remaining 2018 venues booked out

The coaching and learning experience shall be combined by a memorable trip to one of the top kitesurf wave spots that will allow for most effective learning curve and fun times on and off the water. Here what we have in book for you for 2019:

12 - 19 April Ireland Advanced Clinic
24 May - 07 June Peru 2 Pro Wave Clinics
15 - 29 June Mauritius

1 Surf Initiation Camp, 1 Pro Wave Clinic

13 - 20 July Oman

1 Pro Wave Clinic

01 - 14 September Denmark 3 Camps (Entry & Advanced Level)
29 Sept - 12 Oct        Indonesia                  2 Pro Wave Clinics