Type of Kitesurf Wave Clinics

There are two coaching products that we have offered in the past. Right now the main focus is on PWC, but the occasional SIC still takes place.

Surf Initiation Camps (SIC) are for kiters that are new on surfboards and that in the first place need to work on their surfboard riding skills. It's important to learn why and how to stand on a surfboard - especially coming from twintip riding. We'll then further build that up by concentrating on techniques like beach/water start, switching feet, jibing, riding upwind and then look at first steps of how to approach and ride waves. There is no experience with surfboards or waves required. FOR ENTRY LEVEL RIDERS

Pro Wave Clinic (PWC) is for kiters that have already some experience riding a surfboard. If you're comfortable on the board and manage to stay out with it, you're ready to join these kind of advanced clinics. They are mainly focussing on how to better ride the waves. Kite steering, body and wave positioning, as well as know-how regarding safety, etiquette, forecasting, wave theory - every aspect will be touched to help improve your expertise on and off the water. FOR ADVANCED AND EXPERT LEVEL RIDERS

Kitesurf Wave Adventures will be weeks that focus a lot more on traveling to dream destination, live special experiences of kitesurfing in extraordinary surroundings and conditions, all-the-while being guided and coached for ripping it up in the surf. 

Riding Levels

It is a main priority to get as uniform groups of kiters as possible to make the coaching more effective and valuable. Obviously the above mentioned type of clinics will already achieve that to some extent. On top whenever there are multiple clinics at the same place or the conditions require so there might be an attempt to further distinguish the riders to their respective level.

This relates to your level of being able to ride with a surfboard and doesn't reflect your general ability to kitesurf. You are required to be a competent kitesurfer with a twintip board, being able to launch, land, relaunch your kite and go upwind (IKO Level 5). There is no experience with surfboards or waves required, It won't hurt if you already have some. Your main focus is to become confident with a surfboard at first to then properly attack the waves.

You are fairly confident riding a surfboard, going upwind and riding in lighter winds with it. Your feet switching and jibing doen's need to be solid, but you're working on it. You might have approached some waves already, but there is not a lot of experience required - the main thing is you're not fighting with the surfboard anymore.

Riding with a surfboard is not an issue or subject anymore - it's how you spend a considerable amount of time on the water with. Also you have some experience in riding waves with a kite but look to step this up so you can also play around in heavier surf and more challenging conditions.