PERU Wave Clinics 2024

Image of some long Peruvian lefthander waves

04 - 16 May 2024                              Pacasmayo to Punta Luna Pro Wave Clinic           FOR ADVANCED AND EXPERT RIDERS

17 - 27 May 2024                              Punta Luna Pro Wave Clinic                                                     FOR  EXPERT RIDERS

When I first came to northern Peru in 2002 I believe I was one of the first ones to kitesurf the wave of Pacasmayo, helping to put it on the map in the kitesurfing world. Coming back in 2016 I was amazed how established and well visited the place has become. The wave kiting conditions however keep making it a standout amongst the international line up of wave spots - just as the glimpses fourteen years earlier suggested.

Due to the clinics held in the following four years I’ve checked and kited all the spots in Northern Peru - almost all the spots.. I knew there was a spot that has kinda been kept secret - or at least you weren’t able to go there as it was situated in a fenced off natural reserve.

I couldn’t have been more excited to hear that Martin Vari, a previous kitesurf world champ, friend and fellow team mate from the early kiting years has been sitting on top of the secret and been working on opening a private and exclusive surf lodge there. He managed to be able to start welcoming guests in 2019 and it was a great pleasure to visit him with a first group in 2021 at this very special place, called PUNTA LUNA. Besides being situated in a breathtaking environment of the Illescas Natural Reserve with nobody around - and nobody able to go there - you won't see more guys on the water than myself and the other seven guys in the clinic.

The first trip will combine going to both places, Pacasmayo and Punta Luna, 5 days at each place. The coaching program will be focussing more on Pacasmayo in order to take advantage of the ideal and easier conditions there to progress your riding. At Punta Luna you can then apply the newly mastered skills in potentially a bit more challenging conditions. The video coaching will be continuing there as well, being able to watch the action of the day in the evenings.

In the second trip you’ll come straight to Punta Luna for a 8 day stay there. It will be required that you have either taken part in a previous Wave Clinic with Marc or you can show that you are at the required "Expert Level".

Pacasmayo is well worth a kite trip by itself, combining it with a visit to the Punta Luna is a real treat.

Punta Luna is the relevation of the year in terms of wave spots. There are only very few private waves  left in this world - let alone new ones popping up.

The spot was discovered by the peruvian surfer and legend Wawa who protected not only the unreal wave he found, but also the untouched and pristine nature it is settled into.

After Wawa passed away seven years ago, his long time friend Martin has taken over his cause to protect the area, but also opening an ecolodge and making the place accessible to a very limited number of guests. More info on that here:

Peru Kitesurf Wave Coaching


The PERU Wave Clinics include:

  • Airport pickup and dropoff
  • accommodation on a double occupancy basis
  • breakfast and lunch in Pacasmayo
  • full board at the Ecolodge in Punta Luna
  • full video assisted coaching by Marc
  • Beach boys services in Pacasmayo
  • Rescue services at both places

Kitesurf wave conditions and spots

Peru hosts some of the longest surf- and kiteable lefts on this planet. While Chicama is well known in surfing, Pacasmayo takes this place in the kitesurfing world as its wave is well reached by the wind all the way from the peak along to the pier in town. For the days that it breaks all the way through you better make sure to train your legs before the trip..;)
The wave in Pacasmayo is fairly mellow and therefore allows you to progress a great deal as the wave rather stays 'attackable' and doesn't punish you as much through that learning process. Even when it gets bigger the wave stays approachable. Thanks to the side-offshore winds it's great to work and focus on your down-the-line wave riding.

The wave in Punta Luna has a bit more power and makes your wave rides even more attractive yet a bit more demanding as well. Also there are a few more challenges with rocks to deal with. Therefore it's great to be getting warmed up in Pacasmayo first - or making sure you're good enough to hit Punta Luna straight away.

The winds in Pacasmayo can be a bit light so that you will definitely need a 12m2 (as an average 80kg guy). In Punta Luna the winds are a bit stronger,  so a 9 or 10 will probably be the most used kite there.


El Faro Adventure Resort

In Pacasmayo we'll stay at the hotel situated right in the bay and furthest out from town. It's a great base as you can start your kiting sessions straight from the hotel without having to go anywhere else. We are not staying at the hotel rooms anymore but have upgraded to stay at the private house in the back, still with access to all the infrastructure of the hotel. We do have a private chef that cooks all meals for us in the house.
The sunset drinks after a great session while overlooking the last waves of the day rolling in are a classic.

Ecolodge Punta Luna

The Lodge has 4 spacious suites and two living rooms with an integrated kitchen, satellite wifi and direct TV. For the comfort and care of the National Park the number of guests is strictly limited and there won't be more than max 10 guys out on the water. There is a complete cooking service for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus snacks throughout the day.
Due to limited space the accommodation is only available on a shared room basis (2-3 people) without single occupancy upgrade options in Punta Luna.



  • Six days of intense coaching with morning theory lessons and personal video coachings in the evening, held as a group, so that you can learn from the others as well.
  • Video analyses of your riding by Marc on the three additional days that you are getting filmed.


  • You will be caught on film for video coaching purposes that will be viewed and analysed every night or the following morning.
  • The fact that we'll have a professional videographer with us will be further taken advantage of by him providing you with your personal and professional photo and video package of:
    - all your daily coaching files
    - a personal video edit 
    with your riding mixed into the impressions of the trip
    - some reels of your best action on the water to show your friends, post on social media etc..
    - a selection of action and lifestyle photos
  • all this will be delivered on a USB stick that is provided by us
  • footage and photos shot both from land and from drone


  • Airport pickup from Chiclayo to Pacasmayo, transfer to Punta Luna, and back to Chiclayo (or Piura) Airport.
  • 7 nights in the private villa attached to El Faro Resort in Pacasmayo - full board included.
    We are not staying in the hotel side of the resort, but in the private house in the back, overlooking the resort and the spot.
  • We'll have our own chef providing us with breakfast, lunch and dinner at our house.
  • For some dinners we might go out to Pacasmayo, experience the local restaurants.
  • Kitesurf Wave Clinic staff assisting Marc by organising and arranging everything needed.
  • 5 nights at the Ecolodge in Punta Luna, sharing a room and with full-board included.


  • Airport pickup from Piura to Punta Luna and back
  • 10 days at the Ecolodge in Punta Luna, sharing a room and with full board included

PUNTA LUNA SPECIALS (not normally included in the PL Lodge stay)

  • you are being looked out on the water for by Marc and his staff 
  • jet ski support for emergency situations
  • we have a pickup truck at the lodge for emergency situations or trips within the natural reserve

Pro Wave Clinic

REQUIRED LEVEL OF KITING: You need to be comfortable riding on a surfboard and have accumulated some experiences riding waves, especially passing them going out.

We will ride at spots that offer the best conditions and require you to be able to go out and get into the waves with enough skills mastering riding your surfboard in the surf (no matter whether strapped or strapless).

The main subject is to work on your wave riding skills, understand and get to apply the different aspects of it, learn to put it all back together and adapt your riding to different conditions and locations.

2024 Schedules:

03 May latest departure day from Europe or  US

04 May

latest arrival day in Chiclayo
05 May preparation day - first kite, etc.
06 - 10 May coaching and kiting in Pacasmayo  
11 May transfer to Punta Luna
11 - 15 May coaching and kiting in Punta Luna
16 May departure day from Punta Luna
16 May latest departure day from Europe or  US

17 May

latest arrival day in Piura
18 - 26 May coaching and kiting in Punta Luna  
27 May departure day from Punta Luna


Trip 1 - Pacasmayo to Punta Luna Wave Clinic
- 12 nights total, full-board included
- 6 days in Pacasmayo (including one prep day)
- 5 days in Punta Luna

€ 4680 (approx. US$ 4920)

Trip 2 - Punta Luna Wave Clinic
- 11 nights total, full-board included
- 10 full days in Punta Luna

€ 5120 (approx. US$ 5380)

We'll allocate the spots on a first come first serve basis. If you're keen please put your name down via the booking form. Once the price is set, you'll get asked to make a downpayment of 50%.

Punta Luna rates are usually US$ 250 /night - plus we provide additional service such as having a backup truck at the lodge and having a jetski for safety.

Airplane tickets:

Everybody is responsible for buying his own plane ticket. I recommend starting by checking on for the best and cheapest connections from your point of departure. Don't forget to make sure checking the excess baggage allowances for the airlines you consider booking.
Your domestic connection is with Latam, partner in the OneWorld Alliance - try to book straight to the Destination Airport if possible - and ideally within the same alliance.

Destination Airport:
CHICLAYO (CIX) or PIURA (PIU), both connecting through through Lima
Please check with us for flight schedules to fit with the local transfers to Punta Luna especially.

Terms and conditions

For reserving your spot we need a 50% downpayment.

Group size:
from 5 up to a maximum of 8 participants

The clinic will be held in English, however Marc is also fluent in German, French and Spanish and can make sure everybody understands the content of the clinic.

You will be filmed on nine days, which is then put together for daily video feedback sessions.

Weather conditions:
Please note that we have done everything in order to maximise the chances to catch the best conditions for you. However we are not in control of the weather and there will be no refunds due to lack of wind.

No wind scenario:
Peru is known for its great wind consistency and by choosing to go there in May we added plenty of extra time for the wind season to get in full swing. In case of no wind the clinic will still take place as planned. The theoretical part of it proves to be very valuable information that will still be of interest to you even without the opportunity to practice this on the very same day. Northern Peru is besides the wave kiting more so an extraordinary and world renown place for surfing. In the unlikely case of total lack of wind Marc will take you surf or SUP to improve or get you going with that - the best sport to help boost your kite wave riding.

Further terms and conditions can be found here.



  • Airfares and excess baggage fees
  • Beverages at bar in Pacasmayo
  • Gratuities to beach boys and staff
  • All alcoholic beverages above two beers per day in Punta Luna
  • Jet-ski services for tow-in sessions