Sponsors and Partners

As after my long career in Kitesurfing I'm now not dependent on sponsorship deals anymore, so that I can actually choose and commit to collaborate with brands I'm keen to ride with. Soo stoked that i am able and blessed to ride with kites, boards and accessories that are on top of their game - no compromises on the equipment!!

Thanks heaps Ozone Kites, Firewire and Dakine for the much valued cooperation.

Kitesurf Equipment

Ozone kites logo

Ozone Kites is one of the smaller big brands but most certainly are leading the charge in terms of kite designs. Marc has been on the team since day one of them making wave kites. They have always been the reference for all the other brands what to aim for with wave kites.
We'll have Ozone demo kites available at selected locations of wave clinics.

Firewire Surfboards logo

If there is one brand that is shaking up the surfing and kitesurfing surfboard market that this is Firewire in collaboration with Tomo shapes. They are revolutionising the way surfboards are shaped and there couldn't be anything more rewarding than seeing so many clients faces coming off the water after having tried one of the all new shapes like the Vader, Vanguard or Evo. Again they're the most copied surfboard on the market - why not go with the original. 

Dakine logo

Marc has been an international team rider for Dakine for more than a decade. There isn't a better brand for all the accessories needed you could wish for. Best gear out there  - period. We're couldn't be happier to be able to carry all our gear around the globe safely packed away and always ready thanks to DAKINE.

Media Production

Hermitage Films based out of La Reunion is one of our film and video cooperation partner.
Merci Charly !!