Besides the theoretical approach that Marc is undertaking to teach what you're really aiming to do - video coaching then is the single most important thing to monitor how you are actually able to translate that into actions on the water.

During the clinic you are filmed every day during your kite sessions to then be able to look at and analyse this in the evening allowing you to accelerate your progression. Video coaching is not only a super valuable tool to help put certain aspects into practice, It also helps a great deal to come out of the clinic, having seen yourself ride on video to the point that you (and your subconscious) have managed to reset how you thought you ride with how you're actually riding. This is very important to help you continue progressing after the clinic when you don't see yourself  on a daily basis anymore. It might be a bit painful at first but seeing yourself kite helps a great deal to sync your perception with the actual result and will allow you to better work on your riding thereafter from just how it 'feels'.


Marc is committed to constantly improve the way, content and infrastructure of how he runs the video coaching sessions at his wave clinics.

He recently switched over to using state-of-the art coaching software that will allow even better results achieved by the video coaching.