OMAN Wave Clinic 2024

Image of some long Peruvian lefthander waves

22 - 29 Juni 2024                      Pro Wave Clinic Oman



Oman has been known either as THE place to go to for wind and waves in the middle east - or is famous in the kiting world for its special flat water conditions on the island of Masirah. After the first test venue in 2017, Marc has put together a wave specific program that maximizes the wave count with as little crowds as possible, also being able to adapt to the wind conditions. You'll be able to ride some relatively empty and surprisingly good waves..

The clinics are destined to kiters that bring some confidence on a surfboard with them and have a desire to better ride waves at a place that is ideal for this. Oman has a great wind reliability at this time of the year, plus is an interesting and special place to travel to. A great opportunity to take advantage of.

We will split the time between the two best spots - and this adapting to the wind forecast! Big weather system sometimes affect the - besides that - super consistent wind. Therefore it proved to be an ace plan to be able to move to where it's best!!

We'll either be situated on Masirah Island, or at Aseelah on the mainland.

You'll be flying into Muscat and then we'll group you together to share rental cars and drive off into the desert. Alternatively you could also drive in straight from Dubai, but this will add a few hours on top!


Unfortunately the motel right at the spot in Aseelah is no longer operating, but is falling apart instead. We are now staying at the best hotel closeby, 25 Minutes from the spot.
Depending on the conditions we will relocate to Masirah island for a few days - or as long as the conditions require.

We will be staying at Al Asalah Resort on the mainland - a great and enjoyable place to stay with great food and services..


REQUIRED LEVEL OF KITING: You need to be fairly comfortable riding a surfboard, some first experiences with waves is good to have.

The main subject is to work on your wave riding skills, understand and get to apply the different aspects of it, learn to put it all back together and adapt your riding to different conditions and locations.


22 June

latest arrival day in Muscat or time to drive off from Dubai

23 - 28 June 6 day wave coaching
29 June departure or start of personal holiday

Package rates

€  1895   for the complete package including 7 nights of full- board and double occupancy standard accommodation close to Aseelah

Accommodation options:

€  220  extra charge for single occupancy (7 nights)

Terms and conditions

Please note that the wave clinics will only take place once a minimum of  5 participants are committed to it. The deadline to reach that is:  22 MARCH 2023

For reserving your spot we need a 50% downpayment.

Group size:
from 5 up to a maximum of 8 participants

The clinic will be held in English, however Marc is also fluent in German, French and Spanish and can make sure everybody understands the content of the clinic. 

Weather conditions:
Please note that we have done everything in order to maximize the chances to catch the best conditions for you. However we are not in control of the weather and there will be no refunds due to lack of wind. We'll be able to adapt and more emphasize on land-based instructions, making sure you do go home with an increased knowledge that you'll tap into for then improving your riding.

Further terms and conditions can be found here.