Marc Ramseier has a long background in teaching board riding sports which he - way before kitesurfing - got into with snowboarding and windsurfing twenty-five years ago. During his long career in kitesurfing he started to hold wave clinics in 2012, passing on what his real passion within the sport has always been: riding waves. His love and excitement for this, together with the joy of passing on its know-how and stoke made Marc work his way deeper into the matter of really understanding the techniques involved and how to best pass this on to maximise the learning experiences of his clients.

Marc has put together a wave specific coaching program, which combines fourteen years of riding at a professional level with the extensive experience of practicing and teaching board riding sports. The program is destined to substantially improve your wave riding skills by passing on everything you need to be aware of and then to work with techniques like video coaching to implement this into your riding.

What the coaching is all about:

In the wave clinics you will be taught all the theoretical skills you need to know to become a better wave rider. We then get the most out of the weeks training opportunities to put that into practice. The content of the clinic however is not only destined to improve your level within that week but we also want to construct an awareness that will allow you to further improve your riding and be aware of how to adapt it to different conditions and locations. The ultimate goal is that you're able to benefit from the clinics content just as much when you're traveling or once you are back at your home spot.

How the coaching is structured:

Marc achieves these goals by breaking up the complexity of wave riding into it's different aspects. These are then looked at closely one by one, every day concentrating on one subject that also then is the main focus during that days practice session on the water. This then will all be put back together again to create a decrypted picture of the complete sequence and combination of actions that wave riding with a kite actually is.

Marcs intentions and motivations:

I created and still continuously fine tune today's Wave Clinic format and content, seeking the ideal way that will make it as easy and quick as possible for everybody to get better at riding waves - in my opinion the most rewarding , but also the most complex discipline you can do with a kite.

I didn't want to just gather at a wave spot and give a few random tips. I wanted to create a way to pass on the fundamentals and build up a know-how that will speed up your progress as well as have the best sustainable impact possible on your continuous improvement - not speaking of the increased safety and reduced risks involved.

Usually it takes years to master and get better at wave riding as there is a lot of experience involved. I cannot replace the experience, but i can make sure you know what to do and how to better adapt to certain conditions and locations so that you can quicker raise the quality of your experiences. 


Here's a portrait video of Marc's background, how he got into wave kiting and eventually into offering wave coaching clinics. It also covers an introduction the concept and content of the Wave Clinics (in ENGLISH).

Below a video about the concept and content of the Wave Clinics - in GERMAN. Please note that all the clinics are held in ENGLISH, except three out of four of the yearly Denmark venues that are run exclusively for Germans speaking folks in cooperation with the German Ozone distributor.