The first KITESURF WAVE CLINIC took place in Bali in 2012. Ever since then Marc has been expanding his activities of holding clinics for wave riding beginners or advanced riders to destinations all over the world. He has taught an extensive number of clients by now and helped them to improve their wave riding skills. It's all about having more fun in the waves, feeling more comfortable and at ease in the exciting but also respectable playground the waves are.

Marc Ramseier holds the Kitesurf Wave Clinics

Marc Ramseier started to kitesurf in 1998, turned professional two years later and has ever since dedicated his life to Kitesurfing. After numerous years on the freestyle tour, Marc has since then been devoting his focus on riding waves and to push that side of the sport.

Originally from Switzerland, Marc has been spending most of his life abroad close to the ocean, getting familiar with surf breaks all over the world.

Marc also brings in extensive experience fom the instructing and coaching side and will make sure that you are going to understand how you need to improve your wave riding skills.

Age: 45 years
Experience in kitesurfing: 21 years

Marcs intentions and motivations:

I created and still continuously fine tune today's Wave Clinic format and content, seeking the ideal way that will make it as easy and quick as possible for everybody to get better at riding waves - in my opinion the most rewarding , but also the most complex discipline you can do with a kite.

I didn't want to just gather at a wave spot and give a few random tips. I wanted to create a way to pass on the fundamentals and build up a know-how that will speed up your progress as well as have the best sustainable impact possible on your continuous improvement - not speaking of the increased safety and reduced risks involved.

Usually it takes years to master and get better at wave riding as there is a lot of experience involved. I cannot replace the experience, but i can make sure you know what to do and how to better adapt to certain conditions and locations so that you can quicker raise the quality of your experiences. 

All of Marc's video edits and appearances (also older):